The importance of knowing who you are hiring

I really liked John when we meet. He was smart, had an MBA, and had worked as a management consultant. He also told me that he was a qualified accountant. I hired him and we worked well together.

John gave me references but I did not contact them before I hired John. Then one day I was looking at LinkedIn and went to see John’s entry. The CV that was there was very different from the one he gave me. I was especially concerned that one of the references/employers he gave me was not on LinkedIn. I decided I needed to find out what was going on. 

I called the university where John said he got his MBA. They had no record of him being a student. The college where he said he got his accounting qualifications said he never completed the program. I realized the business and I could have gotten into severe legal trouble if I had trusted his accounting advice and it turned out to be wrong.