We didn't do a credit check and now we're running out of cash

A big order came in and we rushed to fill it, staying up all night to get it to UPS by the morning. This was the largest order we’ve had and it was a new wholesale customer who could give us wide distribution and a big uplift in sales.

They received the order and we sent the invoice. Four weeks passed and there was no payment. I tried to get ahold of the owner but there was no response to my emails and phone calls. Six weeks, eight weeks passed and still no payment. If we did not get the money soon we would run out of cash; our line of credit at the bank was nearly exhausted.

I had coffee with a friend from the same co-working space and told him about this. He said the company was notorious for late payments but they would pay. He asked if we had done any credit checks or asked people about them. I admitted we hadn’t because we were so excited about the huge order and potential distribution.