Corruption: He said if I gave him $150, he would let me go

All the raw materials for my company come from abroad. We collect them ourselves after they clear customs. Yesterday, I went to make the normal pick up and had all the documentation on hand. A customs agent I don’t know started asking me questions and wanted to open some crates. This has never happened before.

He told me he couldn’t release the goods because of issues with the “paperwork.” I asked what I needed to do and he told me to start again. This would take weeks and we would run out of materials. I asked if there was a way to amend the existing paperwork. He said no, but that if I gave him $150, he could let me go.

I didn’t know what to do. Was this a trick to catch me offering a bribe? Or was he telling the truth and somehow we had messed up the paperwork this time?