Is a "one size fits all" accelerator right for me?

The accelerator offered a lot of training and programs that I could learn from. But there was also a lot of material I had already mastered and didn’t need to go over again. When I asked if I could get extra exposure in particular areas, they said there was only one program, so I could “take it or leave it.”

This caused me to reflect on whether I wanted to join them. I know there are things I need to learn, but is this the best way to learn them.

Do I need to get an MBA before I start my business?

I’ve been working at a startup for a few years and raised funds for that venture. Now I want to start my own business. I’ve talked to family and friends, who can commit $200K in addition to what I’ve saved.

My uncle thinks I need to get an MBA though and is trying to convince my father of this. I don’t see the point; I have a BE in electrical engineering from a US university and I have startup experience. I am a doer and love the excitement of startups. I’m ready to start my own business.