If my business fails, it will reflect badly on my family

In America, the fear of failure for startups exists, but it’s recognized that businesses fail. Some actually see it as a badge of courage or learning experience. The same isn’t true in my home country.

If I fail then it reflects badly on my family. My father is especially concerned and keeps telling me to find a proper job.

My father-in-law didn't understand the terms of the friends and family round and isn't speaking to me anymore

My father-in-law lent us $25K of the family and friends round. He didn’t really take any interest in the company and didn’t know very much about business. Whenever he came to the house he would ask when we would repay him.

To help the business grow we decided to ask debt-holders to covert their debt to equity. Everyone agreed except my father-in-law, even through the conversion terms were very favorable.

He came to the house and in the middle of dinner he told my wife that I was trying to screw him out of his money. He said I didn’t want to pay him back and that I was trying to steal his money. I tried to explain it to him again but he refused to listen. My wife was in tears. My father-in-law called me a greedy bastard and said he was hiring a lawyer.

His lawyer explained the situation to him – this enraged him even more. He now refuses to talk to me and my wife.

The stress of my startup sent me to the doctor. Now I'm doing yoga!

Everything was piling up and I couldn’t see a way out. I was only sleeping three to fours hours a night and was exhausted all the time. I had severe headaches. My wife kept telling me I am short-tempered with her and the kids.

At work, I was the only one getting anything done. There was no problem I couldn’t solve, but the tensions at work were getting to me. There was never enough time or money. People didn’t get back to us when they said they would. I was the only one in a rush to get things done.

Yesterday a tax bill came in when we haven’t even made a sale. How was this possible? I called the tax bureau repeatedly, but no one ever answered the phone. I don’t have the money to make the payment and I don’t even know why we’re being charged.

Over the weekend, I began to feel depressed and my skin started itching. I did not want to get out of bed and for the first time I didn’t want to go to work. The final straw came when one of my key people quite. I went to the bathroom and started crying.

The next day, I went to the doctor and she told me I had a stress-induced condition. She offered me some medication and told me to figure out a way to reduce my stress. I’ve started doing yoga everyday and it's helped me manage my stress. 

Do I need to get an MBA before I start my business?

I’ve been working at a startup for a few years and raised funds for that venture. Now I want to start my own business. I’ve talked to family and friends, who can commit $200K in addition to what I’ve saved.

My uncle thinks I need to get an MBA though and is trying to convince my father of this. I don’t see the point; I have a BE in electrical engineering from a US university and I have startup experience. I am a doer and love the excitement of startups. I’m ready to start my own business.

I can't let down my investors or employees, but I'm miserable

I left my home country when I was 13 to go to boarding school in Europe. I stayed there for college and then to work as a management consultant. I moved to the US for my MBA. I recently moved back to my home country to start my own business.

I often feel alone, isolated, and insecure. I moved back in with my parents, but I can’t talk to them about my problems. They didn’t want me to start my own business. They wanted me to work in a local company and get to know people. All my friends from university are all over the world. We Skype and email, but no one understands what I am going through. I am a stranger in my own home.

I’ve raised $200K from friends and family and have 6 people working for me. I cannot let them down, but I really am miserable.