As we prepared for growth, we got the technology part right but overlooked training and organization

We built a platform that allows local craftsmen and artisans to sell their products globally. It took us six months and over $350K to complete the work. We knew it could handle over 40 transactions per hour and this could be doubled with some added capacity at some additional cost.

The platform was featured in India Today magazine and all of a sudden orders started pouring in. Sales soared and on a good day, we’d have 20 orders per hour, so there was excess capacity on the platform.

Last week we started to get consumer complaints. Orders were late or not fulfilled. They received the wrong product or color or it was broken when it arrived.

The biggest problem was stock outs. The craftsmen didn’t know how to update their available stock accurately. If they sold something, it stayed up on the website. New products didn’t make it on the site. Clothing sizes were off.

At a review meeting, one team member said, “We spent all our time and resources on the technology and no time on organization and training. No wonder we’re in such a mess.”