Speakers at the conference made entrepreneurship seem easy and formulaic

I was at a local conference to develop the ecosystem for young entrepreneurs. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The speakers and commentators came from the local government and university and two non-profits.

They made entrepreneurship sound easy. They suggested all an entrepreneur needs is a co-working space, a small amount of money, and one or two advisors.

I raised my hand and said that the reality of entrepreneurship was very different. When I started my business three years ago, I couldn’t get a bank loan, it took months to register the company, and I couldn’t find qualified people to hire. The high inflation rate made things even more difficult. The challenges that face us aren’t just in the first three or six months. It’s the first three to five years. We take risks that few people would feel confortable with and we spend most of our time working on the business.

The speaker implied this wasn’t right, that I was doing things wrong and that the new government incubator would answer everything. I find that hard to believe.