If I leave to get an MBA my business will fail; what should I do?

I started my business four years ago and sales are over $4m. We have 43 employees and have made a profit every month for the past 14 months. The market place is growing more competitive, inflation is rising, and the economy looks like it might stall.

I have good people working for me but there is no one who can replace me. I got into INSEAD two years ago and postponed my entry to work on the business. The offer expires this year and I really want to go to get more education, build my networks, and mature. But I know if I leave the business for two years, it will probably fail. It would also be a big risk to bring someone else to run it while I’m away. I only take $40K in salary because of my equity and I can’t get anyone good for that low a salary without giving away more equity, which I don’t want to do.

I have to decide by the end of the month. My parents say I should go, my investors and employees say I need to stay.