The business was running me

The business was growing quickly. Everyone was working longer hours but things were chaotic and I could feel we were losing control. It was growing too fast, if that’s possible. I was really outside my comfort zone but I didn’t want anyone to lose confidence in me, so I didn’t say anything to anybody.

Everyday there was a different opportunity and I found that exciting. I followed most of them. They usually were deadends, but I love the chase. While we were we growing rapidly it began to emerge that some markets where we had early success were either cooling off or going to decline. I didn’t have time to fix them- I didn’t have the analytics to tell me what was going wrong.

In December we still didn’t have a plan for the next year. I didn’t see any way to reach our 25% growth target as the early markets were now in decline. The business was running me. I wanted to go into a room a scream.